Anti-aging has the goal of slowing down aging processes.
It is proven that lifestyle and environmental impacts influence the process of aging,
They can delay or accelerate it. Negative effects have tobacco smoking
and high alcohol consumption, too little sleep, overweight, stress, but also traffic noise
and environmental pollution.

General recommendations:
Balanced diet, avoidance of overweight and moderate "hunger",
Regular exercise, renouncing smoking, renouncing excessive
Sunbathing or visits to solariums, avoiding negative stress

From 25 years of age, visible external aging begins. The cell renewal
Slows down, the ability to store moisture decreases. In the deeper
Skin layers are degraded by the enzyme collagenase more and more collagen, the
Skin loses elasticity. Facial creams can only act on the surface.
Cosmetics - Anti Aging - Aesthetic Dermatology
In a free presentation, the participants will be presented, among others, prevention mechanisms, beautymethods, type-specific skin treatment, special treatments, intensive treatments, new forms of high-tech therapies.
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